Sunday, 31 January 2010

Linking blogs

I really must learn how to link the other blogs to mine. I feel really bad when i get a free digital stamp and i can't link the blogs.

Well my printer has packed up. I only got it September so that makes it 4 months old. I cant find the receipt so will have problems changing it. Hoping PC World keep a computerized record of all customers. I think they do ask for postcode and house numbers so they probably do keep some sort of record. Well they are computer "experts" so they should have a sysyem in place. hats my rant over. I did spend nearly all afternoon on the phone with Kodak doing diagnostics with them and they told me i needed a new printhead but as they were based in US i would have to contact the UK base tomorrow. I thought i was "talking" to the UK Grrr. Im loggin out now to spend some time with hubby. Soniaxxx

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Adding links to other blogs!!!

Oh well here i go again, i'm trying to add the link to a blog and having no luck at all!!! I went to Digital Doodling what a brilliant blog and i have been trying to link it and so far not been able to. I will keep trying though. Not one to give up me!!! LOL Soniaxxx

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

My Big Shot duly arrived and i have had a play with it. Not quite sure if it's what i want so may be sending it back to QVC. My OH thought i would be better off with the Cricut or Craftrobo but not sure if there may be to much to learn with these machines. Oh well decisions will have to be made.

My son-in-law and step-daughter are both on the recovery road, thank goodness!
Well what about this snow? Not really affected me much. Not missed any work but have either finished early or started late but thats not to much disruption is it? Unfortunately i do need to get my car battery sorted out though, i couldn't start my car again this morning and had to have a taxi then a train to work.

On the crafting front not done very much but have every intention to knuckle down and do some serious crafting LOL. I think i should cut some of the scrolls i like with the BS before i return it! Or is this too cheeky?
Thats all for now as i am in work and should be working on a spreadsheet LOL