Monday, 2 August 2010

Work work work

In work today and as one academic year is coming to a close we are preparing for the new one which starts September, Unlike schools we don't get the holidays off. I thought i was in the wrong job ...LOL

Sunday, 1 August 2010

My nephew

Well my nephe David who was home from visiting from Australia recently has proposed to his lovely GF Rachel. They are having their house built as we "speak" and are planning their wedding for August next year. Although they will honeymoon in Australia they are also planning their next trip home which will be in about 2 or 3 years. I have been busy doing commisions over the last few weeks but they have all been completed now and i'm really glad about that as my MOJO seems to have deserted me! I think it's having a holiday LOL I did upload a load of cards and things to my Trimcraft forum today and hadn't realised i still had so many not uploaded. Still no worries hey!Well thtas it for now not much to write about but i will "try" to put my pics on here but not sure if i remember how to do this!! have a great week and hope if any of you are going away you have a fab time. Soniax

Friday, 16 July 2010

Ooops not posted for awhile!

Well here I am again trying to catch up. I ahve no real excuse for not posting other than being really busy both in work and at home. I would love to have a holiday but not sure when that's going to be! Maybe next year we are hoping to eventually get to Mexico. We did try about 4 years ago but 2 weeks before we were going i fell and broke my shoulder in 3 places and smashed my elbow! So obviously we had to cancel and we have not got around to re-booking our trip. Fingers crossed for next year though. Hope everyone out there is well and enjoying the good weather we have been having although it's not so good at the moment. My sister was home from Australia recently and the weather was glorious she is always lucky like that. She came home for my Mums 80th birthday and so did my nephew who i have not seen for 20 years he last came here when he was 7! He didn't like it here so although my sister was coming over every 4 years or so David refused and stayed in Australia with his dad! I have been really busy lately i have discovered "Bookatrix" cards and absolutely love them. They are fairly simple to make but so effective and i have had loads of orders for both these and exploding boxes and as you know the boxes take some time to make.

That's it for now folks chat soon. Soniax

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

It's been awhile

Well it's been sometime since i've posted...again! Lots been happening. My PC packed up and i have a new one but i really liked my old one and the new one is not quite the same. Still a touchscreen though!

My dear old mum had her 80th birthday with a surprise party it was great. There was another surprise for mum with my nephew coming home from Australia for her birthday.It's the first time in 20 years since he last came home. It was brilliant seeing him as he was only 7 last time i saw him. Although mum has seen him many times over the years as she goes out to Australia at regular times. My sister and her husband came over too but there again she has been coming home quite often. My brother and his family came down from Tewkesbury and my other sister and her husband came from Sunderland plus then me and and my 3rd sister who like me live local. So what with all us and our children and grandchildren plus family friends there were quite a crowd and we all had a great time catching up and spending time together. On the Sunday we went out to lunch but this time it was just mum, her children and our husbands. None of our children came for this as we thought it would be to much for mum. Anyway my sister and her husband are here until July 7 although my nephew and his girlfriend have gone touring around the UK and will then go to Paris for a week before heading back to Australia. Hope you are all enjoying this fab weather and not working to hard! I am keeping quite busy what with work and card commisions at the moment i have loads of orders for Bookatrix cards and Exploding boxes so i am flat out. Oh well must go as i am in work! LOL hopefully i will chat soon Soniaxxx

Friday, 19 February 2010

Update on my printer

Well as i mentioned before my printer packed up. I took it back to PCWorld and they had it for 10 days and all they did was change the printhead! Well anyway i got it home and guess what? yep your right it didn't work! So again i go on the phone to PCWorld only by now i have the telephone number for the Swansea Store (anyone want it? It's 01792 454101) I finally had a new printer but i stupidly got the same make although i did upgrade slightly. I'm really sorry i didn't get either an Epsom or a HP because i think these are probably 2 of the best. Hope you all have a great week. Soniaxxx


Although i have quite a few stamps from when i first started crafting i hardly ever use them. Well all thats about to change! I have bought 25 Promarker pens and i have also bought 4 digi stamps (never used these before LOL)Jenni from Cardmadfairy and also went to the Range and bought the Hugs and Honey range of stamps plus some of the Daisy and Dandelion range. So after spending all this money i really need to practise my stamping. Wish me luck LOL Soniaxxx

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Linking blogs

I really must learn how to link the other blogs to mine. I feel really bad when i get a free digital stamp and i can't link the blogs.

Well my printer has packed up. I only got it September so that makes it 4 months old. I cant find the receipt so will have problems changing it. Hoping PC World keep a computerized record of all customers. I think they do ask for postcode and house numbers so they probably do keep some sort of record. Well they are computer "experts" so they should have a sysyem in place. hats my rant over. I did spend nearly all afternoon on the phone with Kodak doing diagnostics with them and they told me i needed a new printhead but as they were based in US i would have to contact the UK base tomorrow. I thought i was "talking" to the UK Grrr. Im loggin out now to spend some time with hubby. Soniaxxx

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Adding links to other blogs!!!

Oh well here i go again, i'm trying to add the link to a blog and having no luck at all!!! I went to Digital Doodling what a brilliant blog and i have been trying to link it and so far not been able to. I will keep trying though. Not one to give up me!!! LOL Soniaxxx

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

My Big Shot duly arrived and i have had a play with it. Not quite sure if it's what i want so may be sending it back to QVC. My OH thought i would be better off with the Cricut or Craftrobo but not sure if there may be to much to learn with these machines. Oh well decisions will have to be made.

My son-in-law and step-daughter are both on the recovery road, thank goodness!
Well what about this snow? Not really affected me much. Not missed any work but have either finished early or started late but thats not to much disruption is it? Unfortunately i do need to get my car battery sorted out though, i couldn't start my car again this morning and had to have a taxi then a train to work.

On the crafting front not done very much but have every intention to knuckle down and do some serious crafting LOL. I think i should cut some of the scrolls i like with the BS before i return it! Or is this too cheeky?
Thats all for now as i am in work and should be working on a spreadsheet LOL