Friday, 16 July 2010

Ooops not posted for awhile!

Well here I am again trying to catch up. I ahve no real excuse for not posting other than being really busy both in work and at home. I would love to have a holiday but not sure when that's going to be! Maybe next year we are hoping to eventually get to Mexico. We did try about 4 years ago but 2 weeks before we were going i fell and broke my shoulder in 3 places and smashed my elbow! So obviously we had to cancel and we have not got around to re-booking our trip. Fingers crossed for next year though. Hope everyone out there is well and enjoying the good weather we have been having although it's not so good at the moment. My sister was home from Australia recently and the weather was glorious she is always lucky like that. She came home for my Mums 80th birthday and so did my nephew who i have not seen for 20 years he last came here when he was 7! He didn't like it here so although my sister was coming over every 4 years or so David refused and stayed in Australia with his dad! I have been really busy lately i have discovered "Bookatrix" cards and absolutely love them. They are fairly simple to make but so effective and i have had loads of orders for both these and exploding boxes and as you know the boxes take some time to make.

That's it for now folks chat soon. Soniax

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