Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Can't believe it's been so long since i last posted on here!! Well Christmas has been and gone. It was lovely as was boxing Day but after that it went downhill rapidly. My Son-in-Law took an overdose boxing night. Luckily he is ok he has been depressed for sometime but didn't realise it was so bad. As is the norm it's mainly due to money worries but we will all get it sorted soon. Secondly my Step daughter had a hysterechtomy just before christmas but her scar started opening and became infected so she was in hospital on 27th for tests and swabs to be taken from wound. Luckily she is home too. Today has been quiet. Thank goodness.

I have now bought a Bigshot and am awaiting delivery of this. I ordered it from QVC on boxing day they told me delivery by 8th January so i have quite a wait for it. The good news is.... no more Christmas cards for awhile....lol.

Anyway hope you all had a great Christmas and the new year is a good one for all.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Hubbys Birthday

Well today is hubby Trevs birthday. I have been so busy lately with commisions that i almost had to BUY him a card!!!! I actuall got it made yesterday! lol. I was lucky i had to finish early or i wouldn't have managed to make it but i did and even if i say so myself it's really nice. I will try to get it uploaded on here soon.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Oh i should have said the WEA link is the organisation i work for. It might give an insight to the things we do. Soniaxxx
Well it's been awhile since i posted anything. In fact i had actually forgotten all about my blog!!! How dumb is that?
Lots been happening but the most important thing is my new baby granddaughter. Her name is Lexie she was born 23rd October 09 and weighed in at 7lb 5oz she is gorgeous. Yes i am biased but so what!!!
I have been really busy with work. I work in the education sector and it's a night mare when you finish one academic year and then start a new one. The admin side of it is hard graft but i also teach so it's double the workload for me. Poor me lol!!
I have been really busy making cards and exploding boxes not to mention word books. It really seems as if everbody wants one of these. I haven't really made much headway eith my \christmas cards yet but i hope to start in ernest this weekend. Well that's it for now hopefully i won't leave it so long next time. Soniaxxx

Monday, 22 June 2009

The Big Pit

Well good morning to you all. I thought i'd tell you about my weekend. I went on a day out with work to Blaenavon. The purpose of the day was to visit "The Big Pit" and the old Iron/Steel Works, both of which are now Heritage Sites. What a brilliant day we had. The Big Pit was amazing you could go underground into one of the old mines (I didn't) and see what type of conditions our miners used to work under. There were other part of the mines you could go to and watch how the machinery they used worked and that was totoally brilliant. I did take "loads" of photos then realised i didn't have an SD card in my camera! Doh! I did buy a dispoable one but i had lost all the other i had "taken". Oh well never mind i live and learn. But anyone looking for an interesting day out should visit an old mine such as The Big Pit if they can. Soniaxxx

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

My week

Well good morning and what a beautiful day it is, the sun is shining and everyhting looks bright. I am back in work after being on the sick for the last week. I did try to fit some crafting in but didn't actually do much, i really was unwell. I had a chest infection, swollen glands and laryngitis i fel ROUGH.

My latest blunder well:- I made a name book card for someone and gave it to her yesterday and she loved it BUT she then said " this is really great but my son's name is Paul NOT James"!!! What an idiot i felt but never mind, i have now started another one with the correct name. Hopefully this next week will be an improvemnt on the last one. Hope you are all enjoying the sun and for all you hayfever sufferers you have my sympathy. Soniaxxx

Monday, 8 June 2009

Another attempt

Well here i am again and i've finally managed to change the background of my blog. This in itself was a massive achievement for me. I'm feeling quite proud!! Oh dear at this rate i'll need the box of tissues, only joking!!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Good Morning

Well i am having another attempt at my blog. God this is hard work when you don't have a clue. Anyway i had my TSV yesterday the making memories Slice and have to say it's great. Had a little play at different paper types and works really well. Hope to make something soon, this blog has taken priority. Hope you all have a great day. Soniaxxx