Tuesday, 17 July 2012

OMG it's been almost a year!

I can't believe how long it's been since my last post! It's been practically a year. I went to Australia last year for my nephews wedding. Since then he and his wife have had a baby boy born this year on April 1st, they've named him Hayden. He is so gorgeous although i've only seen photos! Maybe i'll see him in the flesh before he gets too old! Well Trev and I went to Palmanova for our holidays last month and we had a whale of a time. I have only been back in work for a week and 2 days and already i'm ready for another holiday so Trev and i have booked another week in Turkey!! We are going in October and i honestly can't wait to go. I have already started to sort out my clothes and even though i'd bought all new for Spain i've been buying new again for Turkey!! Well its a holiday right? And surely there's a law somewhere that states when you go on holidays you have to have new clothes!! Whats that? there isn't a law! Well there should be!! Anyway thats all for now i have to go back to my media training session! Love and hugs to everyone Soniaxx

Thursday, 19 May 2011

My trip

Well it's coming closer my planned trip to Australia and i can't wait. the downside is i'm seriously going to miss my lovely husband Trevor. I wish he was coming with me that would have been the icing on the cake for me but what will be will be. Hope everyone has been enjoying the lovely weather we had previously? Lets hope it returns soon. I have been busy lately though what with having card commisions and work is really busy with audits and suchlike it's all go. I want a break but of course with my holiday taking 4 weeks of my holiday entitlement it only leaves me another 10 days to take and this has to last until next April so have to be a little clever with booking time off! Still i'll be ok. Going now as i'm in work and need to shut down my PC. Bye for now Sonia

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Here i am again

Well whats wrong with me? I just never seem to have time to blog!Busy in work and busy at home too. Im making loads of cards for orders and to be honest i'm thinking about putting some of them on ebay. Well it don't hurt to try your luck! Does it? Hope everyone enjoys the Easter break. I know i will i get to spend 4 days with my darling husband. And thats good for me! Thats it for now. See you all soon. Soniax

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Spring is in the air!

Yay i have a day off! Crafting? No not yet have to weed the borders! I don't like gardening but i really need to clear the weeds there are so many i can't see my crocus's this year! Still it's dry at the moment although it was pouring at about 6:30 this morning i actually thought oh well no weeding today but it's stopped now....Shame that! Then i really do have to clean my craft room it's really a tip, so much "stuff" has been dumped in here i can't move. SO wherever you are, whatever your doing and whatever the weather have a great day.

I must admit i'm loving my craft robo and i'm really getting to grips with cutting and assembling my projects. The next thing is to learn to design my own things. But it all takes time. Soniax

Saturday, 5 February 2011

My new toy

Oh i forgot to tell you but my beloved husband Trev bought me a Craft Robo for Christmas. I have been playing around with it and made ive made a few things. I think it will take awhile to learn how to design my own creations with it though! I have made the fan which is on here BUT i didn't design it! It was designed by Tina Fitch (Silverst170)She has made some absolutely brilliant designs and it was down to her that i wanted a CR. All i have to do now is "keep at it" and learn how to use it. LOL. Soniax

Friday, 4 February 2011

It's been to long!

Well here i am again. It's been awhile since i posted on my blog! Sorry. I have no excuses other than life getting in my way! Hope everyone is feeling good. How was your Christmas and New Year? I hope you all enjoyed. I certainely did.
I did a Christmas Fayre in December what a waste of time! I admit it was an experience but i didn't sell much unfortunately. However i don't need to make any Christmas cards for this year so thats a benefit! I took about £24 in total but out of that i paid £8 for my stall. But to be fair it was more than some people took.
I am really excited because i'm going to Australia in August. My nephew's getting married and i'm going YAY! My beloved husband Trevor has paid for my fare or i definately wouldn't be going. All i have to do is save my spending money. Unfortunately Trev's not coming with me. I am going with my mum, my sister and her husband and my brother will be going too. I'm sure i'll be posting more about this in the months to come LOL.

It's been so ,long since i've been here on my blog i've actually forgotten how to add pictures! I've been trying to put some new cards on for you to see but can't remember how to do it! How dull is that? I think i'll have to spend this weekend going back through the basics of how to design and add to a blog!

Anyway enough for now. In the words of Arnie.... I'll be back LOL take care everyone.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Work work work

In work today and as one academic year is coming to a close we are preparing for the new one which starts September, Unlike schools we don't get the holidays off. I thought i was in the wrong job ...LOL