Thursday, 10 March 2011

Spring is in the air!

Yay i have a day off! Crafting? No not yet have to weed the borders! I don't like gardening but i really need to clear the weeds there are so many i can't see my crocus's this year! Still it's dry at the moment although it was pouring at about 6:30 this morning i actually thought oh well no weeding today but it's stopped now....Shame that! Then i really do have to clean my craft room it's really a tip, so much "stuff" has been dumped in here i can't move. SO wherever you are, whatever your doing and whatever the weather have a great day.

I must admit i'm loving my craft robo and i'm really getting to grips with cutting and assembling my projects. The next thing is to learn to design my own things. But it all takes time. Soniax

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