Friday, 19 February 2010

Update on my printer

Well as i mentioned before my printer packed up. I took it back to PCWorld and they had it for 10 days and all they did was change the printhead! Well anyway i got it home and guess what? yep your right it didn't work! So again i go on the phone to PCWorld only by now i have the telephone number for the Swansea Store (anyone want it? It's 01792 454101) I finally had a new printer but i stupidly got the same make although i did upgrade slightly. I'm really sorry i didn't get either an Epsom or a HP because i think these are probably 2 of the best. Hope you all have a great week. Soniaxxx

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Doreen said...

Hi Sonia, I remember you having problems with your computer. I have had HP printers for years and only chang to update really as it was always still working fine. I gave it to my grandson. He'll no doubt get an upgrade when we upgrade one of the ones in our house again. xx Doreen