Sunday, 31 January 2010

Linking blogs

I really must learn how to link the other blogs to mine. I feel really bad when i get a free digital stamp and i can't link the blogs.

Well my printer has packed up. I only got it September so that makes it 4 months old. I cant find the receipt so will have problems changing it. Hoping PC World keep a computerized record of all customers. I think they do ask for postcode and house numbers so they probably do keep some sort of record. Well they are computer "experts" so they should have a sysyem in place. hats my rant over. I did spend nearly all afternoon on the phone with Kodak doing diagnostics with them and they told me i needed a new printhead but as they were based in US i would have to contact the UK base tomorrow. I thought i was "talking" to the UK Grrr. Im loggin out now to spend some time with hubby. Soniaxxx

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